Different Species

I drink the flavored milk

that remains of my cereal,

checking my watch

to make sure I’m not late.

Out of the corner of my eye

I see you there

alone as I am.


Why are you alone?

You look like a butterfly.

Flutter by those who fly gracefully.


I am no such thing.

My presence is a shade.

I am alone because that is what I am:

A loner.


But why you?

Majestic and divine,

Where is the company you keep?

Have they lost there way to the grove of sweet scent?

Can we draw them close?


If we are indeed the same,

Why are we different?

It is a species thing.


Wolves eat butterflies,

When they are hungry enough.

They dance among our gaze,



Why are we divided?

Dance before me butterfly

Let me taste divinity

Let us be alone, 



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