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Darkest Wish

What is your darkest wish?

Ever since I was young, I had this interest in wolves. I liked to pretend I was one and howl and growl while crawling on all fours.

When I got older, I became fascinated by werewolves. Being able to transform from man to wolf sounded like a really awesome ability to have. In addition to a wolf-like appearance, werewolves were strong and fast, with the ability to rip a man in two and jump over high walls.

Sounds pretty awesome if you ask me, but of course there is the drawback of having little to no self-control.

As a werewolf, I would be bent on rampaging through the streets mauling and eating any person in my path, without any feeling while doing it, waking up the next morning with a heart full of guilt.

I think that would be the worst part of the whole thing. As a werewolf, I would be an animal doing what the species does, but as a man, I would feel the overwhelming pain of slaughtering (possibly) an entire town.

It’s definitely my darkest wish, one I still have. I don’t think one ever outgrows those, no matter how evil they may be or how good one may be.

So what’s your darkest wish?

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