How to Create Your Own Paranormal Landscape The Easy Way

When writing paranormal fiction, the writer must be aware of the rules. Paranormal fiction is a world much like fantasy fiction, there are key rules that need to be understood and these rules are nothing less than the physics applied in each writer’s world.

A common character used in paranormal fiction is the vampire. Whether the writer follows the traditional vampire character or goes for something off the beaten path, like Stephanie Meyer, there are certain rules that need to be made known to the reader so that they can make sense of the world they are stepping into.

What can the vampire do? What kills it? What is it in essence? If it is something outside the explanation of modern science in the “Real” world, there needs to be a well constructed theory to give those readers, who won’t take a story at face value, an explanation for why things happen the way they do.

This will take a lot of research, but if you’re interested in paranormal phenomena, then it will be fun. Writing is a large percentage of imagination, but there is also a fair amount of research to make your paranormal fiction believable.


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  1. piracetam Avatar

    When dealing with paranormal there a lot of things that we all know about some critters. Like Vampires don’t do sunlight and werewolves are allergic to silver, but the joy of fiction is that we as authors are gods of our worlds and the mythology created within our plots.

  2. doriantgray Avatar

    I agree. The more that I think about writing and the world I am constructing, I realize that, like God, I create the world and the people in it. That is my favorite part.

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