Chasing Strangers

When I met you, I lost my mind.

Your soul lit a fire in me

that I couldn’t quench

And once it was ignited, it set my

passions ablaze, solely focused on you.


I wanted you more than anything,

and being a clumsy fool, I scared you away.

Thinking that by chasing you I could have you,

not realizing that it made you run harder…

A game of predator and prey…

My passions flared hotter, my anger stirred,

and I pushed harder, trying to catch up.

But you still ran harder!


I’m tired, but this journey has taught me a lot.

I know myself more; I know who I am.

I know I am strong. I know I am worthy

and worthwhile, though you may not see it.

I am not chasing now. I should not have to.

If you want to know me, come and find me!

I still want to know you, I’m just not chasing.






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