The elevator made a loud humming sound as it descended. It also had no light, so the four stood in darkness, lowering deeper into the pit of the Airport. Daryl looked to the buttons, but in the dark he couldn’t see any.

“What floor did you press, Gaines?” he asked.

“I didn’t,” said Gaines. “Poseidon, could you back off a little bit?”

“Sorry,” she said. “This elevator is cramped.”

Daryl rolled his eyes.

“This is taking forever,” said Baranski. “Are we there yet?”

“This is going to be a long elevator ride,” said Daryl. ‘Kinder, you still there?’

Yeah… But this humming is really wearing on our structure.

Daryl felt it too. The vibrations were pressing on his body in such an overbearing fashion. It really was beginning to feel cramped in there.

“How much longer?” said Baranski. Daryl noted a hint of panic in her raised tone. Poseidon’s breath grew labored. Gaines seemed still.

“Everyone,” he said. “Just relax. Focus on your breathing. I’m sure this will be over soon.”

Daryl closed his eyes and breathed. He breathed deep, trying to focus on something else, but Baranski was not having an easy time. She started stamping her feet.

“Baranski!” said Poseidon. “Please! I’m trying to concentrate.”

“I can’t help it!”

“Your training, Nadia,” said Gaines. “Focus. I’m sure you had this type of psychological training in Russia.”

“Do you think they are testing us?” said Daryl. He winced at the movement of his own jaw.

“I’m thinking that this was some sort of set up, yes!” said Gaines. “I mean, who puts a secret elevator in the back of a gift shop!”

Daryl could tell the strain was getting to Gaines, and he knew if he lost his composure, they would probably die.

“Gaines,” said Daryl, as calmly as he could under the weight of the massive vibrations, “Focus on your breathing. We are here. We are now…”

Poseidon picked up on the situation and chanted along. “We are here… We are now…”

Baranski continued to stamp her feet. Daryl placed his hand on her shoulder and whispered in her ear, “We are here… We are now…”

She began to calm a little, and Gaines took deep, heavy breaths, bringing himself back to center. Daryl began to feel a little at ease. If only this damn humming would stop!

And like that, the lights turned on, the humming stopped, and a loud ding sounded in the elevator. Daryl collapsed along with Poseidon and Gaines. Baranski screamed, forcing Daryl and the rest to jump.

The elevator doors opened and Baranski shot out like a bull. Daryl could hear loud crashing and screaming fading away.

“Ah shit,” said Gaines. He pulled himself up along with Poseidon.

“Yeah,” said Daryl, wiping a bleeding nose. “Crap baskets!”