Daryl looked down to Poseidon’s hips. She was missing her two canteens: canteens full of loch water. Because she was a water nymph, and daughter of the mythic Poseidon, she couldn’t be too far from her body of water: the Loch Ness.

Without it, she would begin to age, and as she hollered for assistance, it was very clear that she was deeply afraid.

Stillness and silence filled the hallway. Nothing. Just the dim overhead lights bouncing off the tile to keep them company. Poseidon rocked on the balls of her feet looking down either end of the halls.

Daryl turned to Gaines, “We should go look for someone.”

Gaines just stared ahead. He stood at attention, without the least bit of concern.

“Gaines! Please!” said Poseidon. Baranski walked away from her door. Gaines turned and yelled, “Stop Baranski! Stay at your door!”

Baranski stopped. Confused she looked to Daryl for consideration. “Gaines,” Daryl said, “We have to get Poseidon’s canteens. She’s going to die!”

Gaines stared at Daryl. “Our orders were to stand at our doors. These people know who we are, what we’re capable of. They know about Poseidon’s weakness. They won’t keep us here long.

Poseidon screamed. It shook Daryl at his core. “Fine! I’ll do it myself!” Daryl left his door, striding past Gaines, but he was pulled back. Gaines grabbed him by his collar and pulled him back to his door.

“Stay put. If we keep running off every time something bad happens, we’re going to be locked up. Can’t you tell this is a test?”

Daryl glared at Gaines. ‘A Test? Really?’

“I don’t care if it’s a test or not! We got this far by helping each other. I like our chances better with 4 than 3.”

“My hands! They’re cracking!”

Baranski rushed to Poseidon’s side. Daryl turned around. Her hands turned ghostly pale, the skin tight and gaunt against her finger bones, the knuckles bulged, fat and feeble looking. Poseidon sank down against her door, crying into her pitiful hands, her face cracking, her arms sagging.

Baranski gasped. “Kerns,” she said. “We need to get help.”

Daryl sprinted the opposite direction. “Kerns! Get back to your door,” cried Gaines.

Daryl ran down the hallway screaming. “Help! We need help down here! Our friend is dying!”

He found a door and started pounding on it. “Open up! We need help!”

Someone opened the door. It was the attractive soldier from before.

“Help?” he said.

She raised a stun gun and shocked him to the floor.