Bureau of Monster Capture and Rehabilitation

Volume 1: Boot Camp

By Wulfric Van Howlietzer

Chapter 1: The Mothman

“Wana nana nana NA NA nana nana NA NA nana nana Mothman! Wana nana nana NA NA nana nana NA NA nana nana Mothman!” sang a young man as he rode his bike swiftly to a brick building on the horizon. Sun in his face, the rays blocked by his long black curls, visibility wasn’t necessary, he’d made this route for three years now.

Daryl Kerns, now a senior in high school, had a most extraordinary secret. He was a superhero. He protected the city of Point Pleasant West Virginia from the occasional villain, but things had slowed dramatically since the summer of after his freshman year. He scolded a jaywalker last week. But lately he found himself wasting a lot of time cleaning up the Moth Lair and developing crime fighting weapons.

Daryl? Is now a good time to talk about the future?

It was Kinder, the alien sentience that lived in his head. He kept bringing up college and moving away from Point Pleasant. Two things Daryl wasn’t interested in.

“Kinder, I told you I’m staying here. Point Pleasant needs me here to protect it.”

Daryl, need I remind you that speaking out loud brings attention to yourself.

“Eh, people already think I’m weird.”

Daryl! I want a real conversation with you. You are making a terrible mistake if you want to waste your potential… here.

‘Kinder, this is your home too. You can’t tell me that you won’t feel a little homesick?’

Daryl, I will never see my home again… At the cost of sounding sappy, you are my family and home. You’re too smart to just stay here.

‘This place is home, Kinder. My mom is here, and also…’

Daryl almost forgot to stop as he neared the bike rack in front of his school, racking his bike and locking it, strutted up the front steps and opened the door.

If you’re talking about Samantha, Daryl, I hate to be the bearer of bad news but you’re not her type. And worse of all, she’s not yours.

‘Daryl, I know you think I’m wasting my time, but I really think we have something. A connection. We’re real. You just don’t get it.’

Daryl, I’m in your body. The only thing you have is a huge hormonal imbalance that will correct itself in, hopefully, several years.

‘Our love will never be corrected.’

…sigh… you are hopeless…

After stopping by his locker and grabbing his books for class, he navigated the halls towards the English hallway. He was almost to his classroom when he saw Red Finn, a notorious dick head. He was intimidating a freshman at his locker, blocking his way from leaving. Moving from side to side preventing the boy from walking away.

“Hey Tuna!” said Daryl as he approached. “What cha doing?”

Red turned to face him, apparent annoyance, as the freshman took his chance and ran away.

“What do you want Kernal Doofus?”

He strutted up to Daryl. He would have been intimidating, if Daryl was a freshman, but as both were seniors, they were around the same size, though Red had been hitting the gym and Daryl had been hitting the books.

He stood in a way to show off his huge arms. Daryl yawned.

“Could we just move this along? I have things to do,” said Daryl.

“I’m going to kick your ass, Kerns.”

“Experience says you won’t land a punch.”

Red lifted his fist, but he hesitated, his arm in the air, locked and loaded. Daryl didn’t blink.

“You’re lucky I have to get to class.” The hulk sauntered off.

“Yeah? You and everyone else!” said Daryl over his shoulder.

He continued to class, now annoyed himself. The lack of superhero work was getting to him.

Are you trying to get into a fight now?

‘I’m a little ansy, Kinder.’

There would be crime in other places… perhaps more crime.

‘Kinder can we not have this conversation right now?’

“Hi Daryl,” said Samantha. “You talking to yourself?”

She had one dark eyebrow raised in a frame of silky black hair. Her fair skin only made it more beautiful, along with her light blue eyes…


“Gah,” Daryl pressed his fingers to his eyes. ‘That was loud,’ he thought.

“Are you OK?” she asked.

“I’m fine. I’m just ready for the weekend.”

“It’s Monday Daryl.”

“And what a long Monday it has been already.”

Samantha giggled.

‘Told ya, Kinder.’



“Are you done, Spazzing out?” she asked. “Look at this?”

She handed him a print out of a college brochure. It was an art school in California. “I’m going to apply. What do you think?”

Daryl frowned. “I thought you decided on Point Pleasant Community college…”

“Well I’ve been thinking, and I really want to get out of here. You don’t want to live in Point Pleasant forever do you? Wouldn’t that suck?”

Daryl met her eyes. He felt something he hadn’t felt before. It soon became too intense and the two turned away in the same instance.

“Daryl… Point Pleasant is just not the place for me. I know you like… doing what you’re doing… But I’m looking to put that behind me and move on. There’s just not a lot I can do with the powers I have, specifically to make money.”

Daryl furrowed his brow. “No one is a hero to make money,” he said loud enough for her to hear it.

“Look, class is starting,” she said. “Let’s talk later, OK?”

Turned back to the front of the board. Miss Peterson began her lesson with run on sentences…

‘Not a word, Kinder…’ Daryl focused as best he could on his teacher.

Kinder didn’t speak.