Best Friends

You, who know me best

The jokes we share together.

We are separate on occasion,

But you know me best


Why is it we connect?

Are we twins of different births

and mothers?

Could such a thing happen?

Let alone exist?


We exist,

That is enough for suggestion.

Calming effects occur when you’re present

I can let go of myself, like a vodka and sprite


Spirits rise, with a gift from the spirits

So ours does with the gift God gave us

And again we plummet into maddening talk

Of how the future will be ours when it’s time


We are undefined, you and I

Yet we know what we mean:

Sublime Catastrophe!

That’s what we are.


Devastating Bliss!

That’s what we provoke.

Paper covered floatation device!

We can be just as ridiculous.


Maggot covered corpse!

We disgust each other just as much.


But in the end,

It’s been decided.

I’ve got your back,

And you’ve got mine.


All of you,

you know who you are,

Are very special to me. 


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