A Conversation between Daryl and Kinder

*****Spoiler Alert*****

I don’t think spoilers are bad per say, but I guess some people do. Music is a great inspiration to me. This scene is based on NF’s Intro III. I’ve been wanting to write it for a while and of course needs some work, but I’ve been absent for a while. Here you go.

*****Spoiler Alert*****

Daryl sat alone at the darkened bar. A whiskey bottle, nearly empty; a discarded glass at the bar’s edge. He stared at the bottle. He was contemplating the mouth, bringing it to his lips, thinking about whether he could down the rest.

Thinking about Lupe and Parkinson and everyone else who died… ‘I think I can manage it.’

But instead his hand slapped the bottle to wall. It popped and splintered all over the bar. ‘Hank’s going to be pissed…’

“He’ll get over it.”

“Ah, Kinder. Are we going to talk some more?”

“Daryl, you need to stop. Your body can’t handle much more of this. Our body can’t handle much more of this. I want you alive.”

“I want Lupe alive! Fuck you, Kinder!”

“We all want Lupe alive. We all miss Caroline and the others, but you got to get up and move on.”

“You know Kinder? This was the biggest mistake of my life.”


“All of this!” He raised his hands. “Meeting you. Allowing you to stay. Becoming the Mothman. Going to Ft. Wicham… The list is pretty long…”

“Yes, but it did happen. You have to get up and accept that this is the way that it is.”

“I really wish you would just leave! Haven’t you had enough! I killed a man, Kinder! Do you know how that feels?”

“I do. I killed plenty before I met you. You changed me. And Ben Howder was going to die, if not by you, then by me, or Hank or Sarah. He was going to die.”

“‘I told you so…’ is that what you’re thinking Kinder? This dumb-ass could have killed Benjamin Howder at the very beginning, and saved Lupe, and things would be different. That’s what you’re thinking right? Daryl Kerns: what a fucking loser.”

“I had similar thoughts when I met you. I thought you were weak and naive. There was a time when I honestly wished I’d given all my power to Ben in the first place. But that was a different time. You’re a courageous soul. You gave me faith in humanity again.”

“Yeah! You’re the reason Ben fucking killed Lupe! You fucking asshole! Why did you let Ben get so powerful? You could have kept him in that coma. You prick!”

“… Daryl… I hate seeing you like this. I’m here for you. I’ll be your punching bag. But the story isn’t over yet. You’re still alive. We can still do so much more.”

“You know what Kinder? You can fucking leave. I’ve had enough. I don’t want your powers any more I just want to be normal. For the first time ever.”

“… So be it…”

Daryl’s whole body ignited. Light poured out of every pore of his body, his mouth and eyes shining the brightest, as a pillar of white rose out of him and exited through the ceiling.

“…Kinder?” said Daryl. He fell out of his chair and puke up the whiskey in his stomach.


Daryl wobbled up to his feet. The room was spinning. He puked again. ‘Better close my eyes,’ he thought, but it got worse. He heaved again. This time he was sure everything was out.








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