Fiction based on cryptids and paranormal beings–soon to be best-selling books! WRITING SERVICES available for those who enjoy my work!

Year: 2018


I can’t stop thinking about you. I know I came off wrong. I have my excuses, but those are unimportant. There are some things you must know: You were never a replacement. When I met you, I wasn’t ready for […]

Hush Part 3

From Dr. O’Hare notes: Thomas Pipkin arrived at Holy Cross Asylum on July 22, 1968. When they found him, he had scooped out his eyes with a spoon, nearly bled to death on his apartment floor. I’d like to say […]

Hush part 2

Thomas lowered his binoculars. “Tom!” said Alec, his business partner, “You need to stop obsessing over this girl! We need to get back on track. Sam Walton, himself, wants to talk to you and you only. You made quite the […]

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